Personal Shopping Experience






Pink Coral MIAMI offers a personal shopping
experience for anyone who needs assistance shopping while in Miami!

Upon booking an appointment, you will be sent a short questionnaire so we can get to know your taste and style and find out what your shopping goals for the day are!
After you have returned the questionnaire and we schedule a date and time and our reps will put together an itinerary for the day customized to your needs and requests!
The itinerary will include; 
-  Date, Time, Meeting Place
-  Map of destinations throughout the day
-  Suggestions of styles based on the client's personal style

We will start our shopping trip by meeting for coffee to review the plans for the day, discussing any last minute request or additions, and of course getting to know each other better! We will also offer an exclusive private shopping experience with a handpicked selection of Pink Coral pieces chosen specifically for you based on your style and size. 
The best part? Each appointment will be accompanied by a personal driver so no one has to worry about carrying your bags of goodies in that Florida sunshine!

Let's go shopping!