About the Company

Pink Coral is a Miami based women apparel company with one goal, to bring the endless summer to you. Our clothing is Miami inspired, Miami bought, and Miami based. From our photography to our models, we have selected a team of Miamis finest dedicated to giving you a feeling endless vacation wherever you are and where you are going. Our company was inspired by the beauty Miami has to offer everywhere you go. The culture, the gorgeous people, the variety of fashion, and of course the inconvenient shopping. We chose each piece with different women in mind, no matter her shape or size. Whether your shopping for your closet, vacation, your summer wardrobe or the office - we got you covered.
We also have a lifestyle blog. [www.taggedinmiami.com]

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Did you know?

  • Miami is the first and only major US city founded by a woman- Julia Tuttle aka Mother Miami.
  • Miami has a Hispanic population of about 64% making it the ‘Capital of Latin America’
  • Miami has the biggest collection of Art Deco Architecture in the world (800+ buildings)
  • Miami is a man-made island - it used to be a literal swamp 
  • Miami Invented Suntan Lotion - in 1944. It's only fitting suntan lotion was invented in the Sunshine State!
  • Miami is home of the largest snow skiing club in the world - seriously!
  • Miami invented the ATM for rollerbladers in 1996.
  • Miami has won many awards, including Cleanest City in the US and Best Beach in the US.
  • Miami has the largest cruise ship port in the world, and is also the diving capital of the world (apparently pirates used to love coming here back in the day and hide their treasures).