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Much like the women in this city, Miami is young and hot!

Being a little over 100 years old and the only US city founded by a woman, Miami is a young city with unique history living up to its nickname of ‘The Magic City’.

When someone imagines Miami, they are suddenly pulled into the Will Smith 90’s music video of a hot beach, hot women, and a nonstop party. But Miami has grown into so much more than that.

#TaggedInMiami is your Miami Lifestyle blog. We will share with you whats going on Miami, life advice, feature local business and entrepreneurs, offers business advice for the #girlboss in you.

#TaggedInMiami will also feature trends and styles from our online boutique Pink Coral. Pink Coral is a Miami based women’s apparel company featuring a collection of Miami-Inspired clothing handpicked by our team of stylists to help you find the perfect outfit, no matter where you are or where you are going.

All photography on the blog is done by our #TaggedInMiami team (or featured from awesome local photographers). If you have any questions about the photography please feel free to contact us!

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Why Miami?

Miami has always been one of the most popular vacation spots in the US, and with good reason. Everything is beautiful! the views, the people, the beach…even the food (Instagram worthy)! Some of the best clubs and parties in the world here, and between the diverse population and Art Deco styled architecture you are constantly surrounded by culture and art. It really is the type of place where you don’t notice how much is going on around you until you stop and pay attention (the reason most Miamians are constantly bored when not in Miami). But did you know Miami is so much more than just a beautiful party place? This city has something to offer everyone and is a city rich with history. Here is a quick collection of interesting facts about Miami you might know:

  • Miami is the first and only major US city founded by a woman- Julia Tuttle aka Mother Miami
  • Miami has a Hispanic population of about 64%, making it the ‘Capital of Latin America’
  • Miami has the biggest collection of Art Deco architecture in the world (800+ buildings)
  • Miami is a man made island – it literally used to be a swamp
  • Miami invented suntan lotion – in 1944, it’s only fitting suntan lotion was invented in the Sunshine State
  • Miami is home to the largest snow skiing club in the world – seriously!
  • Miami invented the ATM for rollerbladers in 1996
  • Miami has won many awards, including cleanest city in the US and best beach in the US
  • Miami has the largest cruise ship port in the world, and is also the diving capital of the world…apparently pirates used to love coming here back in the day and hide their treasures!


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Photo by: @jasonmac7